The Great Dorset Steam Fair (GDSF) 3
These Galleries are dedicated to the memory of the late

  Michael Oliver MBE

The Great Dorset Steam Fair Founder.

The Galleries cover ALL types of transport and other aspects that go to make up the incredible atmosphere that is the fair.

2014 GDSF No.46 
Galleries 23 (2014-08-28) & 24 (2014-08-29)
Another GREAT two days at the Fair

Regrettably very heavy rain effected the site a few days before the start of the fair and made going underfoot very difficult.
It caused even more problems moving vehicles about the area.
Despite this the Fair lived up to its amazing display of Traction Engines, Lorries, cars etc.
Due to the very muddy conditions the BIG arena was not used fully 'till day three.
2014 also marked the start of WW1 and a remarkable display of vehicles of the era were to be scene.
A large area of land was devoted to a very convincing WW1 trenches.
New build Patriot locomotive 45551 The Unknown Warrior was also in attendance on a lorry trailer showing progress on its construction.
Despite the weather the Fair lived up to the usual incredible WORLD event

2013 GDSF No.45
Galleries 21 (2013-08-28) & 22 (2013-08-30)

2013 marked the World's greatest gathering of Road Rollers with well over a 150 machines on display.
This was a gathering not likely to be seen again.
There was also a special attendance of Nuffield and Leyland Tractors.
The Showman's Engines also provide a marvellous sight.
your Host managed to photograph all the Showman's Engines at the Fair.
Early evening on 2013-08-30 the weather gave us a short rain shower which
in turn provided a rainbow over the Fair site. See Gallery 22 Section 21.
Every year the Fair gets better and better.

2012 GDSF No.44
Galleries 19 & 20

Over 1600 pictures of this Annual Event.